Best Car Wax Review, Miami Shine February 23 2020

Mr. & Mrs. McAleer,
I purchased Ardex Miami Shine wax for my black 2015 Kia Sorento, which I love like an only child.  When I read the advertisement, it read "the best wax for black cars." 
Well, my bottle came last week.  I thoroughly washed my truck, dried it, and applied it a small section at a time.  It went on smooth--almost too smooth--so I had my doubts about your product.  Still, I applied it in small sections and wiped it off.
I was surprised.  Each section that I treated looked like black ice.  There were water spots on some parts when I purchased the vehicle, as well as some minor scratches.  Miami Shine removed most of those, giving my Sorento a near-showroom finish.  This is a great product.  I did my daughter's car after I finished mine and she couldn't believe the before/after result.
It's just my opinion, but this is not the best wax for black cars; it's the best wax for ANY car.  My daughter's car is gray and Miami Shine brought out the deep shine on hers.  And you should see what it did to the chrome accents I had put on my truck.
Kudos for this wax.  It did everything more expensive big-brand waxes didn't, and it didn't need to "gobbed" on to get results.  Just put a small amount on the applicator, smooth it evenly around the desired area using a circular motion, and wipe away with the microfiber cloths.  Yes, it's just that easy.
I would VERY highly recommend Miami Shine to ANYONE who cares as much about their vehicle as I do.
Thank You,
Kenny S
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