Introducing Ardex Variable/Vanishing Grit Compound June 06 2014

You won't believe how easy it is to restore your Boat, Watercraft, RV, Car or Trucks showroom finish with this one step vanishing compound. Best results will be had using a variable speed buffer and fast cut twisted wool blend buffing pad for gel coat or foam pad for clear coat and single stage paints. Apply and spread material at slow speed to an area comfortable for you to work, the compound starts at 800 grit, as you increase speed to 2000-2500 RPM the grit will start to vanish up the scale, restoring and conditioning the surface to a mirror glaze with only a few passes. Water based, "Silica Free" eco and user friendly, producing very low dust and easy clean up.

Compare results to the 2 step 3M Super Duty and 3M Imperial Compound and Finishing Material application at a fraction of the price.


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