Ardex Seal-B - Clear Coat Restorer, Brightener For Black and Dark Color Cars 32 oz.

$ 34.90

Ardex Seal-B Clear Coat Restorer, Swirl Mark Remover (For black and dark color cars)

32 oz Consumer size, SEAL-B Is a High-Intensity Machine Brightener. Seal-B is a brightener, and swirl mark remover. It is exceptional on black and other dark colors. Seal-B is grey in color and will not show residue; very important to high volume detailers. Seal-B contains the finest polishing ingredients and special polymers to completely seal the surface and produce an exceptional shine with great depth of gloss. Seal-B is designed to be used with a high-speed buffer, soft polish or final finish pad and will stay wet under pad as long as desired. The longer you buff the deeper the shine.  When you are satisfied with the depth of gloss, stop buffing and wipe the car down with a dry microfiber or terry towel. Seal-B contains a mild cleaner and silicone, but no wax. It won’t hold up and protect by itself but it will accept a nice coat of wax. 

 (Admin Wax Recommendations) Follow up with Ardex Nano Sealant, Express Wax, Miami Shine Liquid Paste Wax or Ocean Polymer for added depth, salt spray, and UV protection.  

For Professional Use or You Can, Do it yourself like the pros!

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