Ardex New Concept 32 oz Ready Mix - Tire Shine, Vinyl and Rubber Dressing

$ 24.99

Car Detailing - Tire Shine, Vinyl and Rubber Dressing (Shake Well Before Use)

Take pride in your ride, quick, easy spray application.

  • In The Box:
  • 1 x Pistol Bottle, 1 x Trigger Sprayer and 2 x Microfiber Towels (Color and Style May Vary)
  • 32 oz Ardex New Concept - Ready Mix.
  • New Concept Features:
  • Water Resistant Qualities.
  • Restore faded plastic and rubber trim.
  • Non - Flammable.  
  • Reduced chance of staining.
  • Great Appearance.  

    New Concept is a water based professional tire shine, vinyl and rubber protective dressing versus solvent based greasy type dressings.  New Concept shines and protects, is water resistant and once dry will not wash away when emulsified in water.

    Using the latest in emulsion technology Ardex has produced this water based dressing to be as durable as solvent based dressings without the numerous disadvantages of using solvents on rubber, vinyl and other automotive and marine interior and exterior surfaces.          

    Use New Concept to protect and brighten tires, rubber bumpers, door seals, interiors, padded dashes, simulated leather even aircraft deicer boots.

    Advanced silicone components protect while preventing drying and cracking.

    For Professional Use or Do It Yourself Like The Pros.

    Please follow instructions carefully and always test for compatibility in an inconspicuous area

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