Ardex Aromatherapy Gal. - Odor Eliminator - 6281 Hawaiian Breeze

$ 60.00

Ardex Aromatherapy Odor Eliminator

Eliminates odors and provides a feeling of well being

AROMATHERAPY is a new series of fragrances designed to eliminate odors found in the interiors of cars, trucks, RVs, boats and around the house. Along with eliminating objectionable odors Aromatherapy fragrance is designed to provide a pleasant aroma and enhanced sense of well-being. Use to eliminate odors in cars, air conditioning systems, trucks, RV's, boats, hotel rooms, cruise ship state rooms, around the house and anywhere odors are a problem.

In The Box:
1 x Gal.:
1 x Gal. Ardex Aromatherapy
1 x 32 oz Secondary Bottle and Spray Head

4 x Gal. Case:
4 x Gal. Ardex Aromatherapy  

For Professional Use or You Can do It Yourself Like The Pros.

Please follow instructions carefully. 

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