Ardex Clear Coat Restorer DIY Pro Pack 4222

$ 139.90

Ardex Microfiber 4222 Kit; Clear Coat Compound and Finishing Wax Pro Pack 

Restore clear coat luster and shine while removing surface scratches and imperfections. Ardex Microfiber compound and Microfiber Finishing Wax are formulated for use with (Microfiber buffing pads Included) Use a Dual Action or Random Orbital Buffer set at 4800 OPM to remove even the most stubborn swirl holograms and other light imperfections on clear-coat paint without risk of burn through. .

Ardex Micro 1 Polishing Compound

Shake Well and use in the shade on cool surface. Apply with (Ardex Microfiber 1 Orange Cutting Pad Included) to remove swirl marks and clear-coat imperfections. 

Ardex Micro 2 Finishing Wax

Specially formulated for use with Ardex Micro 1 reconditioning system, for use with dual action and random orbital buffers and (Ardex Microfiber 2 Black Finishing Pad Included)  Micro 2 is a technologically advanced, premium micro waxing material utilising the newest technologies in polymer emulsion chemistry and is also an outstanding stand alone finishing product when clear coat paint correction is not required.

Use on clear-coat paint only. Shake well and work in the shade on cool surface.

"Restore your clear coat paint and remove swirl marks and light imperfections like the Pros without the risk of burn through. Do It Yourself Like The Pros."  

Please follow directions carefully.

In The Box:
1 x Ardex Micro 1 Microfiber Polishing Compound 32oz (Qt)
1 x Ardex Micro 2 Microfiber Finishing Wax 32oz (Qt) 
1 x Ardex Microfiber Velcro / Hook and Loop Orange Cutting Pad
1 x Ardex Microfiber Velcro / Hook and Loop AMFP Black Finishing Pad 



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