Car Odor Eliminator (Ardex Vehicle Hygienist)

$ 44.59

Ardex Auto Hygienist is a safe, effective, broad-spectrum solution for odor elimination inside automobiles. Auto Hygienist delivers the power of chlorine dioxide (Cl02) gas, a safe and effective biocide, in an easy-to-use disposable clam-shell delivery device designed to eliminate odors quickly. Chlorine dioxide gas not only eliminates odors, but it also controls odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Refer to the technical sheet for VOCs and Chlorine Dioxide for more technical information.

Auto Hygienist is not a masking agent or an odor-absorbing compound Auto Hygienist is a slim, lightweight engineered membrane pouch containing premeasured amounts of the precursors that generate ClO2 gas. When exposed to a small amount of water, the patented device QUICKLY releases a safe vapor in a fast manner to penetrate all areas inside any vehicle. The ClO2 vapor breaks apart airborne compounds that constitute odor and controls the microorganisms emitting these compounds. Auto Hygienist truly eliminates odors at their source, improving both the aesthetics and the hygiene inside the vehicle.

Auto Hygienist is not a spray or a propellant Auto Hygienist is a self-contained, point-of-use odor elimination system. Upon contact with water, it is self-activated to generate ClO2 gas that disperses inside the automobile rapidly. No manual spraying, pouring, wiping, aerosol cartridges, or batteries are required. The user needs only to remove the Auto Hygienist pouch from its outer package and activate it inside the clam-shell. The pouch has been designed with a built-in indicator, turning from blue to white as the pouch has activated and completed the treatment. The versatility of the Auto Hygienist makes it an effective solution for controlling odors related to pets, tobacco, food, vomit, fire and flood damage.

Auto Hygienist Directions (Use Only As Directed) Remove all contents from the package including the sleeve of the clamshell. Open foil packet & remove the white pouch. (Never Open White Pouch) Shake white pouch Gently. Soak sponge w/water & replace back into clamshell at the bottom with the slit facing up. Place white pouch into the slit in sponge with BLUE LINE FACING UP. Close clamshell tightly and place on any flat surface in the vehicle with holes facing up. Make sure all doors, windows & hatches are closed tightly & locked.  NEVER REMAIN IN VEHICLE DURING PROCESS.

To treat the AC / Heat system, prior to activating the system, start ignition and set the AC system on “heat” 75 - 80 degrees on recirculate. Activate Hygienist,  exit the vehicle, lock doors and let the system run 30 minutes to one hour. Enter the vehicle and turn off the ignition and exit vehicle and lock doors.  For best results vehicle should be warm but not warmer than 85 degrees. Treat for 3-12 hours depending on the severity of the problem. For heavy tobacco smells, 2 pouches in separate clamshells should be used.  When completed remove clamshell and it’s contents and dispose of in any outside waste container.

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