Ardex New Wave 5228 Multi Purpose Cleaner-Degreaser

$ 21.78

Ardex New Wave 5228 Multi Purpose Cleaner - Degreaser Concentrate

Includes; 32 oz Pistol Bottle and Spray Head. (Color and style may vary)

A superior multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser highly concentrated, moderately Alkaline, non caustic cleaner with a fresh new car essence. Simple dilution instructions make this product tough enough to take on tires, wheels, bilges and engine compartments with speed and ease. Mild enough to use on fine leather, pleather and interior furnishings. New Wave cleans as effectively as powerful caustic cleaners without the caustic and at a very high dilution.

Use on your car, truck, boat, water craft or RV exterior prior to detailing, on the interior for surface cleaning and around the house as a all purpose cleaner. Do Not allow product to dry on surface, rinse thoroughly.     

"Not nearly as versatile or concentrated but compare on eBay to Orpine, Meguiars and other popular marine and automotive cleaners. The Wash & Wax thing, "Forget About It!!" If your car or boat finish is not high gloss to start with, none of these Wash & Wax cleaners will make your boat shine."  

" New wave is superior when preparing you boat, RV, car, truck and fleet vehicles for detailing or restoration. It cleans deep into the pours of oxidized, weathered gel-coat and paint and strips old wax making the surface ready for your next step, wet sand or compound. Protect your final showroom finish with Ardex Ocean Polymer for gel-coat marine applications and Miami Shine for automotive."   

Capt. Rick McAleer
Naples Yacht Services

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