Ardex VG Marine 2408 Fast Cut-Swirl Free Compound

$ 18.95

Ardex VG Marine Variable - Vanishing Grit Compound. Advanced finishing compound formulation.  

Automotive-Marine Compound Crossover

Remove heavy oxidation, 1000 grit and higher sanding and other fine scratches with ease and achieve a swirl free showroom finish with one easy step. VG Marine is a Water Based, "Silica Free", eco friendly formulation,"Silica Free" vs hazardous "Crystalline Silica" found in most popular brands. The product stays wetter longer even in direct summer sun, cleans deeper and spurred on occasion want gum up your pads. It starts out at an 800 grit mix and vanishes into a swirl free showroom finish with little dust to cleanup. 

Best applied with a variable speed buffer with a white fast cut wool pad for gel-coat, yellow light cut wool or foam pad for paint. Work hard to reach areas by hand to blend with field.

"This material does not compare to anything we know of, when it comes to ease of use, results and cleanup but compare on eBay similar results and price to 3M Imperial Compound and Finishing Material"

Capt. Rick McAleer
Naples Yacht Services


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