Ardex Outrageous Vinyl and Rubber Brightener 32 oz Ready Mix Kit

$ 23.99

Ardex Outrageous 32 oz 6223 Kit 

In the Box:
1 x 32 oz Ardex Outrageous (Ready Mix) 

1 x Spray Bottle and Head (Color and style may vary)

2 x Micro Fiber Towels (Color may vary)

OUTRAGEOUS! is a fast way to brighten and protect rubber surfaces such as tires, rubber bumpers, door seals and even aircraft rubber deicer boots. It's an excellent dressing for vinyl interiors, vinyl tops, padded dashes, simulated and genuine leather. It's silicone components will protect the surface from drying and cracking. Just wipe Outrageous onto the surface being treated and wipe dry. Remove overspray from glass immediately with glass cleaner to prevent smearing.  Rinse floors with soapy water to prevent silicone build up which can be slippery and cause injury.  DO NOT USE IN BODY SHOPS.  We recommend Ardex 6212 Super-Natural Dressing for use in body shops. OUTRAGEOUS! produces a rich new look when applied which lasts for months.  It can also be used under the hood to brighten the entire engine compartment, especially the rubber hoses.  If you need to paint anything under the hood, do so before applying OUTRAGEOUS!   

WARNING:  Possible eye irritant.

For Professional Use or Do It Yourself Like The Pros.

Please follow instructions carefully and always test for compatibility in an inconspicuous area.   

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