Ardex Ocean Polymer - Automotive, Marine High Luster Protective Wax

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Ardex Ocean Polymer 2501

Ardex Ocean Polymer is more than just boat wax, Ocean Polymer is a micro technology formulation that penetrates deep into the pores of gel-coat, clear coat and painted surfaces to provide a crystal clear, high gloss hardened polymer barrier for outstanding UV, salt and weather protection throughout the season. Use on watercraft of any kind, RVs, aircraft, painted surfaces, gel-coat, metal and fiberglass. Works great to protect cars, trucks and commercial vehicles during the winter season when roads are salted. Use around the house on windows, glass shower doors, bathroom & kitchen fixtures for corrosion protection and to prevent water spots. At Naples Yacht Services we've been testing this product for about a year in extreme UV, heat and weather conditions.

On Clearcoat allow to dry completely, remove with clean Microfiber towels. Do Not allow to Freeze!    

The white sport fish images in the gallery are of a 1996 Egg Harbor. We have been operating and maintaining this boat for almost 15 years. The photos were taken after an Ardex Wash and Wax wash down and the second application of Ocean Polymer. The original Ardex gel-coat restoration was done about 3 months earlier using Ardex New Wave for the pre gel coat restoration wash down at about 1 oz per gallon dilution, Ardex VG Compound and Ocean Polymer protective sealer applied with a variable speed buffer with a wool pad at about 1800-2000 RPM. On new or non oxidized gel-coat and paint Ocean Polymer can be easily applied by hand or with an orbital buffer to achieve the same results.

"The sun and salt are gel-coat and clearcoats worse enemy, in our side by side testing Ocean Polymer provided superior UV and salt protection over extended periods. Compare to Collinite and Meguiars Flagship Premium on eBay and Amazon then go with the Ocean Polymer"

Captain Rick  McAleer
Naples Yacht Services


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